Find Various Things To Do As Well As Car And Vacation Rentals In Crete, Greece!


Among the islands in Greece, Crete is often touted as the most fascinating and the largest one. If you check during the old time, Crete was seen as home to Minoan civilization. The island has very long history since BC era. It’s been ruled by various different civilizations such as the Ottomans, Romans, and the crusaders. In modern era the determination and spirit remain high

We provide various and comprehensive list for car and vacation rentals. Some of our home vacations are located in different major area such as Chania (west of Iraklion) and Agios Nikolaos, which is located in the east. You can find plenty of beautiful cafes and beach area where they are clearly the major attraction point for Crete, Greece.

What Can You Find Here?


On this specific website, you can find various things to do, car rentals, and vacation rentals in the specific island of Crete (Greece). We will update the page regularly through the year 2016 to update you with the latest info on whatever you can find here. Stay tuned! For now we are still maintaining the updates and regularly fix the articles on the site. You will find everything you want to know about the island, how to get there, and competitive rentals you can find. We promise this website will provide even more comprehensive reviews compared to TripAdvisor and other big websites. Most of those popular corporation websites don’t even know much about Crete. This is the biggest difference!

The 4 Big Islands Of Crete

There are 4 big islands of Crete. They are Rethymno, Lassithi, Heraklitan, and Chania. All of these islands are very beautiful and most travelers usually visit all four instead of individual island during their visit to Greece. I will update more of these later.


What To Prepare Before You Come


There are several things you must prepare before you take an airplane to Crete. First of all, you need to know what kind of traveling backpack you have to use. Renfels.com provide really great review about those backpacks, you might want to check them out. Also, make sure you get your travel insurance covered by big companies like AXA. These are all extremely vital before you arrive in Greece. Obviously, cash is also needed. A lot of Greeks do not accept any kind of payment other than cash. You have to remember this one. If you are good in internet marketing, maybe Payoneer card is needed. You can withdraw cash during your visit in Greece with this kind of card.

Top Villas To Rent In Crete


1. Anemon Villas – Villa Sirocco


Considered as the top villa in TripAdvisor, Villa Sirocco is the top of the top in Crete. With 120 m2 building, you can expect to put in your whole family in the villa (up to 7 people). Price is also very low. At the time I wrote this, they put 91 pounds/night at their lowest price available for next summer. The owner of the villa speak English fluently so that’s a big plus.

*I will update more about the villas later